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C. Ray Carter Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of quality business machines for your company. many of our refurbished products carry an exclusive one-year parts and labor warranty! This allows you to purchase a late model digital copier or fax machine with confidence. The following images show a glimpse into the process of refurbishing a digital copier or fax machine.
Refurbished Equipment Arriving
Machines arriving from the loading dock and unpacked.
Copier Initial Inspection Tear Down
Once the equipment is unpacked it is carefully inspected for any damage. The process continues with running initial copy quality checks and specific components of the machine. Once our evaluation is complete a tear down of the unit begins. (Shown below)
Toshiba Refurbish Process
After all mechanical sections of the machine have been refurbished, either by replacing defective sections or specific parts we replace worn consumable items such as drums, developer, etc. The process then moves to performing factory adjustments on the unit such as registration, ADF skew adjustments, etc. Finally, programming in the copier, called Firmware is updated. Today's digital copier is capable of much more than just making a copy. Many models can copy, print, fax, scan, and perform document filing operations. Many of these machines have their own web server for machine status updates for the users of the machine! This is why the programming must be up to date so no feature has any problems.

Color copiers require even more extensive adjustments related to copy quality, this would be continued at this point in the refurbishing process.
Toshiba Refurbish Testing
The process continues with extensive testing and clean up of the equipment.
Once all checks have been made and the unit has passed our extensive testing procedures. The unit is ready for delivery and is backed by our one year parts and labor warranty!
Toshiba Copiers Refurbished